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*Insert Generic Intro Post Here*

The few people who are/will be reading this already know me, but anyway it’s short intro time. Hi! *waves* I’m Othella, but you can call me Thellie. I will also respond to any of my usernames, Miss Othella, Granny O, The Voice of God on Earth, and “Hey You!” You know what, just for you, I’ll even acknowledge that you are talking towards me even if you just post a comment without any title for me at all. Yeah, I’m just that cool. ^_^

Back on track, this blog is for me to review consumables. The original idea was teas and other drinks, but I decided to expand beyond that because I could and I don’t want to limit myself. This blog has two purposes. The first is the obvious keeping track of random cool things I make, find, eat, drink, try out, etc. The second is to work on my writing and reviewing skills. I am a sort of writer for my own pleasure and would like to eventually write for others. I have added links to some of my writings (poems, short stories and human interest essays) as well as my BPAL perfume reviews in the links area. If you care to read, you’re welcome to. If you care to review, you are certainly welcome and encouraged to do so. Comment away on anything.

I will not have any sort of a schedule. I have a back log of things to write about. My goal is at least once a week and probably never more than once a day after this first day. If you have any suggestions for something you tried that you liked or think I should try, send it my way! If you want to try something and agree or disagree with my review, please comment about it. I’d love that.

And now, on to the main event! As this blog was originally conceptualized for tea, it’s only fitting that tea be the first review. Without further ado, the first review…