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Tai Pei frozen Asian dinners

Tai Pei frozen Asian dinners

I had both the Chicken Fried Rice and Chicken Teriyaki dinners and both are meals I plan to buy again. For $2.24 at Wal-mart, you can pick up a cute little plastic wrapped dinner in a Chinese take-out style box. Don’t unwrap it and cook it in the microwave for 5-6 minutes (the Chicken Teriyaki needed an extra minute, but the other was ready on time). Let it sit for a moment so you don’t get blasted with boiling hot steam when you open the plastic and then unwrap your tasty meal.

It’s fun to eat from the box with chopsticks left over from the last time you got take out (or if you’re lucky enough to have a reusable pair… which I might. Must look for them.) Alternately, you can serve it up on a plate or in a bowl, which makes it easier to scoop up the saucy rice in the teriyaki meal.

The box says it serves 2-3, but realistically, it’s one meal for one person. Unless you’re a light eater or you’re having it as a snack. Or maybe I’m just extra hungry lately because I keep forgetting to eat… (Oops!) Anyway, It makes a great quick cheap meal. The veggies are not over cooked or mushy like some frozen veggies are, the rice is neither over nor under done and the flavor is good – it’s not overly salty like so many frozen dinners are. I definitely plan to keep these on stock in my freezer along with my Birds Eye Steam Fresh Veggies, but that’s a different entry for a different day.

 - I couldn't find any good icons to go with this (obviously tea, cake and sandwiches just aren't right), so I made my own!  ^_^ 

Pomegranate Raspberry Green Tea

Stash Premium Pomegranate Raspberry Green Tea - given to me by one of my prof's when I had a meeting with her about my senior paper.

From the back of the wrapper - This delightful green tea is combined with natural pomegranate and raspberry flavors for an especially refreshing blend.  It also contains Matcha, the special green tea used in the Japanese tea ceremony.

This tea is 100% natural and contains green tea, chamomile, orange peel, hibiscus, citric acid, natural pomegranate and raspberry flavors, and Matcha.

I liked this quite a bit.  It was nice and light like a green tea should be, with a gentle fruitiness to it.  Not a sweetness, just fruity.  This is available online (and there is a link up there in the name) and at a fairly reasonable price.  I like their variety at the website and they even have those cool blooming teas.

I would definitely have this one again - if I had more.  

Seasoning ideas, I have them!

My first major seasoning tip is Kernel Season’s Popcorn Seasonings. I love them. They are wonderful on popcorn (I hate regular butter popcorn. It has to be flavored in some way for me to eat it and even then it’s rare.) but they also work great for seasoning chicken, veggies, fries, potatoes and rice and probably loads of other things I haven’t tried. My favorites are the Ranch and the Parmesan Garlic flavored seasonings. I found them at Meijer, normally $2.89 for almost 3oz., on sale for BOGO a couple months ago.

I’m a huge fan of seasoning blends. They are great for the starter cook or the cook who just can’t keep all the herbs and spices and seasonings straight. They make it a virtual no-brainer. Making Italian? Go for the Italian Seasoning! Grilling steaks? Steak seasoning! Making tacos? Taco seasoning! It’s kinda hard to go wrong with logic blends like that.

These sort of things have helped me to learn the basics of blending seasonings which I will continue to share in bits and pieces.

5 Minute Chocolate Cake

5 Minute Chocolate Cake – A Thellie-modified recipe
This is a great quick cake recipe and the best part – no cake pan needed and no baking! Kids can make this easily with just a little supervision, too! I, for about the only one, hate chocolate things, in general. Don’t get me wrong, I love chocolate, but things like chocolate ice cream or chocolate cake or chocolate graham crackers, chocolate pie crusts, they just aren’t my bag. Even so, every once in a while, I will still get a craving for one of those things. The other day I *needed* chocolate cake. No matter how bad that need, I didn’t want to make a whole cake and it was 8 am after a night of not sleeping (insomnia FTL!) This cake is nice and spongy and moist, and best made in pairs (due to being unable to cut down on the size of an egg), and no frosting needed (you’ll see why).

5 Minute Chocolate Cake RecipeCollapse )

Which reminds me... I was going to make these for me and my dad tonight, but my mom came home early.  Maybe I'll make three smaller ones.  Better hope to it!
Lipton Orange Choc Chip flavored black tea – Sent to me as a freebie with my first BPAL order (sadly, from Canada and I can’t figure out anywhere to get it in the US)

I love naturally sweeter teas and this is definitely one of those. This would make a great dessert tea. It tastes just like it’s described in its name, like a wonderful chocolate orange. It was great for warming me up as this fall is starting to settle in hard core.

I am a slow tea drinker, (well, I’m slow with drinking hot liquids in general and I highly doubt you will ever see coffee reviewed here as I don’t drink it) and so my tea got cold half way through. It always does, this is no reflection on the tea itself. Anyway, I decided to see what it was like as an iced tea! So I put it in the fridge for a few hours while I went about other business. Then I was thirsty while having dinner (at 3:30 am… my schedule is totally screwed up, I know) and remembered the tea!

I should have added sugar to it. Heat amplifies hot, spicy and sweet flavors for me. Well, most flavors in general, but you get the idea. Anyway, the bitterness of the black tea overrode the sweetness and made it not an enjoyable unsweetened iced tea for me, though your mileage may vary (YMMV).

This tea is one I would love to have again, sadly I only had one tea bag and like I said, it's a Canadian tea and it's not marketed for the US.