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Peet's Tea Earl Grey with Bergamot

To make up for the long absence, another double update!

Peet’s Tea Earl Grey with Bergamot – Another cool freebie with a BPAL trade

I’ve seen Bergamot come up in the fragrance notes on the perfume oils and have wondered what it was. Finding it here in a tea, I decided to finally look it up and find out for myself. It’s that citrus note from the fruit of a cross between a type of lemon and grapefruit and from an evergreen tree.
Now that I knew what to expect and look for with the standard of Earl Grey, it’s time to start in on this delicious smelling tea. Out of habit I add two spoonfuls of sweetener (often I’ll use honey, sometimes I want sugar – today is a sugar day). This is very smooth and flavorful with the slightest hint of citrus. It’s a wonderful tea time tea. It goes great with my mini muffins and would go wonderfully with my favorite biscuits, but I’m afraid I have no McVities.
I think I’m going to add a bit of lemon. I ate half of one this afternoon, so I have the other half laying around. Oh, adding a section and a half is quite lovely. I peel my lemons - my limes and grapefruit, too. Anyhow, yes, it is quite a good tea. I may have to look for some on my own, though Lord knows I have plenty of other teas. Oh, and the tea bag is most definitely reusable at least once. Yeah, I’m cheap. I do that.

Update: Yes, it does make a wonderful second cup of tea! No lemon this time and I nearly finished the whole mug which is a “whoa” moment.